Zentangle® au Natural

I call this gallery ‘au natural’ because the tiles here follow the traditional Zentangle method and appearance.  3.5″ square tile, black ink only with graphite shading, non-representational, and non-directional, and created with 4 dots, border and string.

The other galleries will give you a taste of where you can go with this versatile art form, and most of them were created using the same Zentangle process of allowing my mind to direct my pen in a relaxing, meditative way. And even the ones with colour and different materials have been minimally planned.  I just like it that way.  To me, that’s what the Zentangle art form is all about.

Enjoy this gallery of black on white Zentangle art.  I think you’ll be amazed at the variety you can achieve using these basic tools and simple to learn patterns.