I’ve been doing (at least) one Zentangle (or ZIA) a day since January of 2015.  I’ve posted every single one on my Tumblr page for posterity and it’s been a good exercise as well as an archival opportunity.  I can go to Tumblr for example and find out exactly what I did on April 17th, 2015, which is a lot of fun!

When it came time to add some Galleries to this website I knew I didn’t want to just replicate what you could find on Tumblr, so I’ve tried to create a few different categories for you to browse through, and to give you an idea of the kinds of things I will be teaching in my various classes.  I’ve included the ‘good, the bad and the ugly’ because, as you know, there are no mistakes in Zentangle!  So I want to show work I like better than others and work I’ve learned – or am learning – from.

You’ll find some samples of ‘regular’ Zentangles, zentangles using colour, Zentangle Inspired Art, monotangles, various treatments of colour, different shapes, colours and sizes of paper, tangling on different surfaces, and a section dedicated to Artist Trading cards.  All the tangled artwork on this website is my own, but I have credited artists where I have used their templates, and I thank the many artists who have taught me knowingly and unwittingly along the way.

I hope you will find some things here that speak to you.

(and if you want to see them all, here’s the link to my Tumblr page)