Tangle Recipes

CZT Nancy Domnauer has created a special lesson that helps you choose tangle patterns for your tile, and I’ll be giving it my own little twist. While we know Zentangle is all about going with the flow, sometimes we just want a little help. This class will give you some simple ways of choosing tangles to compose a tile. While the Zentangle Method is all about no planned outcome and drawing one stroke/one tangle at a time, sometimes we want to see how to pull various tangles into a unified look.

Balancing airy and drama tangles, feature and background tangles, using tangleations and tangos, taking advantage of comparison/contrast – these are all elements to explore.

We’ll take the same approach to Zentangle as usual, adding some tips and suggestions that will quickly become part of that spontaneous,  unplanned process we all love about Zentangle.

Zentangle Basics is a prerequisite for this class.  Please refer to this page for the fine print on class registration policies.

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