FUNdamental Classes


These classes are all traditional classes to introduce the Zentangle Method and expand your Zentangle world.

Zentangle Basics starts us off, then there are two follow-up classes that build on this first lesson – Beyond the Basics and Level Up.

There are also classes that explore using the Zentangle Method on black tiles, tan (renaissance) tiles, 3Z (triangular) tiles and so on.

Zentangle 1-2-3 is a private or semi-private lesson option for these and any of the other Zentangle and ZIA classes.

Ready for more?  Then explore Tips & Techniques, or ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) classes.

Once you have taken Zentangle Basics, you can jump into any of my other classes – no further experience is needed. You can even revisit earlier classes and see what there is for you to pick up this time around!