I’m slowly working my way through “One Zentangle a Day” for this fifth-anniversary of getting into Zentangle (see last post).

  This time around I’m going a lot slower, doing other tiles in between, and (so far) trying the ‘extra’ bits I left out the first time around.  This means paying closer attention to tonal value, foreground and background; things that aren’t necessary for creating a tile in the Zentangle fashion, but are interesting to consider. 

What I’m noticing is that after drawing over 2,500 tiles (in five years) and after studying how other tanglers achieve different effects, and after several classes with other CZTs, these elements are often already there, just part of what happens instinctively when I tangle.  Isn’t that cool?  Something I paid no deliberate attention to crept in when I wasn’t looking. 

That’s why my mantra is to keep drawing and keep observing. Can’t beat that combination!