The other day I was shopping at my local Michaels store.  (I was looking for something else entirely, but then anyone who is an artist or crafter will know that story! ) If you’re looking for some gift ideas, either the last minute, or take-your-time kind, I came across several things that I thought worth sharing. (Prices are in Canadian dollars at my local Michaels store.)

First off – I found an awesome lined white canvas bag last summer at Michaels for $6; it was 10.5” x 7.5” and big enough for a makeup bag, art supplies (of course!) or a number of other things. It tangled beautifully and I was so disappointed not to find more.
Guess what?

Yep, they’re back – $8.99 and exactly like the one I found last summer!
Not only that, but in the same aisle (where they have fabric paint and materials) I found this set of 3 pouches for $14.99 – the big one is the same as the single, and you can see from the photo the size of the other two. Don’t they just make you itch to tangle on them?


Then over in the framing area I noticed two items:

The first one is a plastic cube that can hold Bijou style tiles – if you don’t have Bijous it would be easy to cut up some watercolour or other paper to fit. Tangle something different for each square, tangle something that meanders all around the cube, tangle embedded letters for different members of the family – you get the idea. This was $5.99

The second one is simply a plastic sleeve with a magnet on the back but it just happens to be exactly the right size for a 3.5” tile. And only $3.99 – how cool is that?

And while we’re talking fridge magnet type things, have you noticed those little canvases and wondered what you can do with them? Pick up a roll of magnetic tape (ask them at the craft store) and you can stick it to the back of a tangled canvas for an original piece of art on your fridge! I actually did these a while ago, so I can’t remember the price, but I know even the local dollar stores have them so they are not hard to find.

What kind of pen works best? For the fabric bags, I prefer Pentel Gel Roller for Fabric, but Identi-pen works nicely, too. There are a number of fabric pen brands available, including one by Sharpie which is available at my local Staples store.

For the canvases, Identi-pen works fine, or any marker that will not bleed. Sharpies tend to yellow with age, but other than that, there is a lot to choose from. I used gelly roll pens for a touch of colour. These canvases are 3 years old and just sprayed with fixative and they show no signs of fading.

I love finding bargains like this and will often pick up something in my travels to tangle on later for a gift. If you’re reading this before the holiday season, you might also want to check out my earlier blog entry about gifts for tanglers, too!

Grab a pen and turn this…

…into this!

Openings are 2.5″ square 

Just slide in your favourite tile and you’re done.  You can even swap them out!