If you’re the kind of person who learns by watching you can’t go wrong following Melinda Barlow’s YouTube videos. You can find them on YouTube or through her Inkidoodles site.

I like her calm and quiet way of talking you through what she’s tangling, and her simple methods for tackling many different kinds of tangles. She will often have a little extra twist too; tangling on a black tile, using coloured pencil, a different tangleations or shading idea, or a different combination of tangles.

What hooked me in this spring was her series on Labyrinth as Reticula, but I’ve watched many others and in fact, her video on Well, Well, Well was what got me all excited about this tangle.

Melinda’s videos are not terribly long and are relaxing to listen to. Give them a try, and tell us what you think!
(This is the piece I did following Melinda’s Labyrinth as Reticula video series)