New Year usually means new beginnings and for many of us, new resolutions.  Instead of making resolutions to improve myself (why set myself up for more stress?)  I like the idea of choosing one or two focus words, ones that reflect the Zentangle philosophy of acceptance and appreciation. 

Lightly pencil in focus words

So here’s what I did for my New Years Day tile.  I started my daily tangle with a 3.5″ tile and the usual 4 corner dots and border.  For the string, I chose a curved arc with two lines coming from it, sort of like a sun with rays.  Inside each of the 4 spaces created, I lightly pencilled in 4 things that I wanted to pay attention to in 2019.  My focus phrase for 2019 is ‘Let Go’ so I put it in the main section.  Then I added Accept, Enjoy, and Enough in the other 3 spaces.  Here’s the result:

Once I did that, I let the tangles come to me as I looked at each space. I drew slowly, taking my time, enjoying the ink flowing over the paper and the pleasure of drawing four of my favourite tangles.

We often say Zentangle is a metaphor for life and I enjoy tangling most when I am in that Zentangle zone – taking my time, drawing slowly, and simply savouring the moment and the pleasure of drawing. Why not let that feeling spill into everyday moments? Gratitude and appreciation for a warm day, a crisp apple, cozy socks – you get the idea. So I thought of that as I tangled.  

Here’s the completed tile

You can see on the completed tile that the words simply vanish under the tangles.  They are still there, you just can’t see them.  What a fun way to hide buried treasures in your work!  Create a birthday tile or card and hide words that reflect the person you’re celebrating. Or a piece of abandoned art with hidden wishes for the finder. Or a tile or card for a grieving friend. Or for yourself, a way of tangling everyday gratitudes.

You could use one word or several. You could do a family tile with each person’s name in one of the spaces. You could use a favourite quote. Anything you like! Then simply tangle over it. The tangles may have relevance to the hidden message, or they could simply be favourite tangles. This is not the time to get fancy. Just enjoy the process and think about your hidden words as you tangle.

However you plan to start your New Year, I hope that you will find moments of peace, stillness and simple pleasure.