So many tangle patterns, so little time!  It can be overwhelming, the number of patterns out there.  And while there are a plethora of wonderful patterns to choose from, sometimes you just want to find a way to keep track of the ‘official’ patterns from the Zentangle folks.  Tangle List is an ideal resource for that.

Tangle List  was started by a Zentangle enthusiast, Carly, who wanted to do just that; keep track of the original Zentangle patterns, and the stepouts and tutorials available online. With over 150 official patterns, that’s a lot to keep track of! 

Tangle List has a comprehensive database of all the official Zentangle patterns, along with links for stepouts and video tutorials for each pattern where available.  The links I’ve checked contain useful information for the tangler, and full credit for the stepout and/or video tutorial creators.  The search function allows you to look up tangles by name (eg. Jetties), or by description (eg. Circles, Stripes, High Contrast, Black & White).

The second way-cool thing about this website is that there is a Random Tangle Generator.  You push the button and the name of a tangle pops up.  Not all the official Zentangle patterns are included; just the ones that have links to reliable stepouts and/or tutorials available online for reference. Again, the links go directly to the website that provides credit for these resources. I tangled the tile shown using the Random Tangler Generator to pick the tangles. Juke was new to me, so I used the database to find the stepout to learn this pattern. Great stuff!

The section called Guides includes resources for tangle enhancers, strings, and challenges and prompts.  It’s a one-stop shopping site for pretty nearly all the reliable online resources available. (The string on the tile is from a link I found here.)

Tangle List is a great site for keeping track of the best how-tos for official Zentangle patterns by a variety of people.  Thanks to Carly for putting together such a great resource!