I’ve been a fan of ‘A Tanglers Mind’ for some time – I enjoy seeing Lynn Mead’s work on Facebook and following her experiments and adventures in her blog, but it was her recent post on the Golden Spiral that reminded me it was time to take another look at her website.

                    playing with Celtic Knots

There is a wealth of information in the blog posts; techniques, interpretations of tangles, and stepouts.  Want to try out Dew Drops?  Check it out here.

I think my favourites are the Square One Focus posts – There is a Facebook group called Square One: Purely Zentangle and they have a weekly focus tangle.  We know that each of us brings our own interpretation to tangle patterns, and I like having a chance to see what someone else does with a familiar pattern.  And sometimes a pattern finally clicks when I see someone else’s version or method. Lynn’s take on tangles is always refreshing and creative.  Zonked is a favourite of mine; see what she does with it!

Lynn often talks about playing around with a tangle in her sketchbook before using it.  This is really helpful as it gives you a chance to learn the pattern and then try different options.  I enjoyed working through the blog entry Man-O-Man to Celtic Knots, for example.  It was great to be able to draw a Celtic style knot in Zentangle fashion, and I’m pleased to have that in my toolkit of tangle options now.

Lynn Mead’s Fassett tangle is nice on a tan tile

Lynn’s newest post is also a great read. I’ve always had a fascination with the Golden Ratio so I’m intrigued by this project.  It’s on my list of things to try and I’m currently on the hunt for a paper source available in Canada.  I don’t live in a large city so sometimes it takes some sleuthing to find a place that will work or an alternate paper to use.  In the meantime, there’s a lot to play with just checking out the sources and trying different ideas.

Finally, if you’ve heard of Tangle Decks, this is the place to find them. These are great packs with stepouts for various tangle patterns.  While I don’t have any (yet!) I love the look of them and some of my fellow tanglers swear by them.  They say they are nice and portable, and great for grabbing a few – or all – for tangling on the go.

So next time you feel like you need a boost of creativity, check out A Tangler’s Mind. I’m sure you’ll find something to inspire you!