I mention Margaret Bremner’s blog, Enthusiastic Artist, often to my students and last week I had the pleasure of teaching a young woman from Saskatoon where Margaret teaches, so her name came up several times.  As a fellow Canadian, I follow Margaret’s posts, and enjoy keeping up with her art adventures.

My absolute favourite feature is Margaret’s “..And Then Some…” posts.  Take a tangle, master it, and then see what Margaret does for variations.  Cubine, Paradox, Tipple – I still haven’t gone through all of them and their variations, and this is a great resource to shake things up. Even my ‘mac and cheese’ tangles can get a little old, so I like to challenge myself once in a while.

Here’s some Pixioze hanging out with 4MOM and a variation of Shattuck  (Z1565-2018May9)

Margaret also has a section featuring her own tangles and there are some treasures in there, too.  Pixioze is one of my stand-by tangles, and in looking through the page today I found a few more I want to try out.

In her shop, there are a number of books as well as supplies.  Being Canadian, you don’t have to worry about exchange; just shipping, and the books alone are worth investigating – a number of excellent resources there.

Finally, if you’re from Saskatoon or have relatives there, check out her classes.  While I haven’t had the privilege of taking one of Margaret’s classes, I know several people who have really enjoyed her teaching style.

You can find Margaret Bremner’s blog at http://enthusiasticartist.blogspot.com/