I’ve recently discovered patternsource.eu, and what a find!

Fragment A12

This website is called ‘Muster quelle’ in German, which translates to “Sample source for you” and is from Tom & Ele Rieger (CZT) and Annette Plaga-capelin (CZT) with Anya Ipsen (CZT) and Ludmila Blum. English speakers can click on the UK flag in the right sidebar and the site will automatically be translated to English (what a cool feature for 12 languages!).

Patternsource is chock full of tangle patterns which you can search by categories (eg. box grid, organic) and including those from Zentangle as well as tangles from the Zentangle community.  New tangles are added regularly and you can even submit your own tangles to be added to the collection.

Fragment S5

What is really exciting is the section for Reticulas and Fragments. For those who have been looking for a place to get some more ideas, this is ideal.  Based on the concept introduced in the Zentangle Primer (chapter 7), you can find examples of both as well as an explanation of what you can do with them.  The grid format used is the one used in the Primer, which means everyone can use the grid method to explain which reticula and/or fragment is being used. Even better news is that there is room to add more, so as we all move forward exploring this concept, we can share what we discover just as we do with tangle patterns.

I haven’t completely explored this website, but it’s now bookmarked as a source for patterns as well as fragments and reticula.  Check it out and let me know what you think!