Have you got a few minutes?  Sure!

When it comes to tangling I’ll take any few minutes that come my way.  The nice thing about Zentangle is that while most tiles are small enough to complete in a short time it doesn’t mean they HAVE to be completed in one sitting.

I used to have a pocket crossword puzzle or Sudoku book in my bag or in the car for those moments when I had to wait.  Lately, it’s been my to-go tangling kit.  It started with a small blank booklet and a black pen that ended up moving from bag to bag.  I’d pull it out while I was on the ferry, waiting at a gas station, or in a waiting room.

Gradually I moved to a more formal arrangement; a case with tiles, pencil, micron and tortillon always at the ready.  Usually, there’s a partially completed tile in there as well as a sampling 4 or 5 more tiles to choose from;  regular 3.5” tiles, pre-strung tiles, bijous, 3Z tiles, or Artist Trading Cards. I’ve only just begun to note the starting date and circumstances as well as the ending date. I figure this will be a fun record of time well spent.  (The picture above shows my portable kit with the latest completed to-go tile on the left and the current one on the right.)

It’s fun to pull out a tile that’s been started and simply pick up where I left off.  Of course, tangling is the perfect way to pass the time, and by the time my appointment starts or my restaurant partner finally arrives, instead of feeling impatient and stressed, I’m relaxed and calm.

And yes, I’ve been known to tell someone, “Take your time, I’ll be fine here,” while they rush off on some last minute errand.

I’ve got all the time in the world.  Can I get some more coffee?