How has your week been? I’ve been working on fall classes and trying out some different art techniques, and of course, doing one Zentangle a day!

I came across this tile when I went to put away the watercolour backgrounds I’d worked on this week. The tile here was left over from my experimentation with Peerless Watercolor swatches – I’d even forgotten I had these! When I came across the tile I remembered setting it aside several times because I had no idea what I was going to do with it. So I finally decided to bite the bullet and work on it. What to do first? I thought I’d start with some pokeroot in purple micron to shadow the purple shape. Next came those purpley-pink splotches. My brain would not let go of the idea of Kukes and pink micron, so that’s what happened. The rest just came together once those two elements were down on paper and I even got a bit whimsical and added some white ghost pokeroot in the background.

It always surprises me how it can be almost painful to start a tile with a watercolour background, and in the end, I’m usually delighted with the outcome!