What can you do with triangular tiles that you can’t do with square ones?  Turns out, there’s a lot!

3Z tiles are 3.5″ on all three sides.  The overall size is smaller than the traditional square tiles, and the dot-border-string way of drawing Zentangle tiles means the overall space you have to work with is much smaller.  Tangle on 3Z tiles in the traditional way with dot-border-string and watch your brain get a workout – how will your favourite patterns work?  How big or small will you draw and how does it look in this new shape?  It’s surprising how 3Z tiles can give old tangle patterns a new look.  

The thing I like best about 3Z tiles is how well they lend themselves to making mosaics.  Combine two or more 3Z tiles and stand back.  There’s not just one way to rearrange your tiles; every side means multiple possibilities. Combining 3Z tiles that all have the traditional border gives your mosaic the look of – well, mosaic tiles like you’d see in a kitchen backsplash or a floor, or some beautiful architecture in many countries.

Move away from dot-border-string and take your tangle patterns right to the edge.  Now combine them, and you have another look altogether.  Set up a system of 3Z tiles and create a string that goes right across them.  Take apart and tangle, then reassemble.  See what I mean? 

Mix and match square tiles with triangular ones and let your imagination go free.  The 3.5″ edge of a 3Z tile is exactly the same as the edge or a regular Zentangle square tile.  If you ever played with Tangrams as a child, this will bring back fond memories!   

3Z tiles are available from zentangle.com or a CZT in white, black, renaissance, or a pack of all three colours.  Or make your own 3Z tiles with cardstock or paper of your choice. Give it a try and see what you come up with.  Moving past the square shape truly can have you ‘thinking outside the box’!

If you’re in the Parksville area, check out my 3Z Mosaic class happening October 7th at the McMillan Arts Centre. I’d love to have you join us!