Tickled to Tangle – Adele Bruno’s Blog is worth a visit!

‘It’s a String Thing” #180 challenge – my tile

If you’re looking for inspiration, Tickled to Tangle is a great blog to explore!  CZT Adele Bruno’s weekly “It’s a String Thing” Challenge was the first challenge I tried in my Zentangle journey, and I love the opportunity to try both a new string and several patterns.  The rules are flexible (just like Zentangle) and these challenges make a great jumping off point.  Since I found Tickled to Tangle a couple of years ago, I’ve tried different strings and different tangles, and having a week to work on it suits my lifestyle very well.

There’s a new challenge every Tuesday, and results are published the following week.  If you want to participate you can send in your tile by Saturday night and be included in the weekly results.  As a beginning tangler, I loved this the best!  Remember the first time you saw a mosaic in the Zentangle Basics Class?  It’s so much fun to see how other tanglers respond to the same challenge – inspiring and a great learning opportunity at the same time.

But it’s not just about IAST – Adele’s blog is full of tangles to try, a record of previous and this year’s “It’s a String Thing” challenges (and results), and her blog.  Adele has just finished a series about her trip to Fabriano, Italy, and the Fabriano paper company.  If you are a history fan (and who can’t get excited about an 800-year-old legacy?)  you’ll love reading about this adventure.

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(If you missed the link at the top of the page – here it is again – http://tickledtotangle.blogspot.ca/)