I love A Little Lime, Helen Williams’s blog.  I came across it for the first time last year when I was learning how to draw Heartfully.  Helen’s site is chock full of not only tangle patterns, but examples of how to vary a pattern in a dozen different ways.  Steps and Sails are two favourites, and if you love heart-type tangles you’ll want to check out several here.  Heartfully showed me how to take a simple ‘straight ahead’ looking tangle and with some subtle shading, turn it into a rounded tube – magic!  Check out Helen’s gallery as well; examples to make your mouth water.  Check out the videos, take a look at the e-books.  Helen’s work is exquisite, and I just love browsing through her site.  I’ve subscribed too, so have the pleasure of remembering to check what’s new from time to time.

A Little Lime is definitely one of those blogs worthy of brewing a cup of tea before sitting down and just enjoying!