If you’re looking for a place that will give you ideas for tangle patterns and step-outs, you can’t go wrong with Linda Farmer’s tanglepatterns.com.  This website contains hundreds of different tangle patterns from all over the world, some from CZTs and from Zentangle headquarters, and some from people who just love to tangle.  Linda has an organized A-Z section at the top so you can go looking for the stepout you want by name and if you want to just get inspired to try something new, there’s a header with pattern images across the top which changes regularly.  Click on one of those that appeals to you and go directly to the page for background  and step-outs.

And strings?  You can check out the string section and see all of the strings that have been published – over 200 at last count.

Along the left side there’s a Random Tangle Selector that can be used with the downloadable version of Linda’s site, or it can be used to help you decide which string to use by using the number generated and looking up that string number on the site.

Tanglepatterns.com also offers a subscription, which I enjoy using.  I get a different tangle pattern to check out twice a week and every Saturday there’s a new string to try out.  This is a fun way to expand your tangle and string knowledge base.

There is so much more here, and I invite you to explore this site when you have a chance.  Tutorials, videos, testimonials, plus downloadable e-books, store, a place for comments…..